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selling US beta key
  Etherone, Mar 18 2010

The game isn't exciting for me, at least not as much as i had hoped. ive played about 10 games in the last 5 days, and that seems like a waste.

you'll get my account, which i dont use for anything, so naturally it's yours at least until the beta is entirely over.
i understand a few people who have accounts are receiving invites. If i receive an invite by email for this account it will be yours to do with what you please.
stats are resetting soon, but as of now im in the gold league at 15th

$100 is my asking price.
pm me and or post here with questions or to contact me.

edit: my location is my country of origin, but i am in toronto canada if that makes a difference at all

edit2: credibility wise i have little other than my word which means little on the internet, and an interest in not pissing off a great community in which i have spent a great deal of my time, and will continue to do so i am including TL in this.

i have been to TL lans, and frequent the place like an addict, although i don't post too too much aside from the dota thread since i aim not to get banned.

i am a nothing player and im using the cash for poker. i started playing online with 10$ for a hon invite, which i sold here, someone else initiated the transaction, simply pmed me offering 10 for an invite. i busted that fairly quickly. Atems on stars

later i signed up for the poker strategy offer that appeared with the tsl2 i started short staking, and quickly decided i wasn't going anywhere like that so i tried all kinds of shit, HU 6max, high limits etcetcetc which brought my roll to $10 which i built back up to about $50 and then pretty stopped playing.
since i stopped i didn't play the necessary amount of hands tp keep the 50$ offered (300 party points irc) so they took it back - the rake i made them i believe which left me 5-10 on that account( Etherone) which is still there.

the money i get from this if i do sell the acc, will go for poker. ive learned quite a bit, and i feel it's time i gave this a disciplined


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